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Introduction of SpinFire function
Import / export files
Even if there is no CAD license, you can convert CAD files into viewer data with Spinfire Ultimate only. Because it is compatible with multi CAD systems, it can compile components with Spinfire Ultimate by importing many types of CAD files in
addition to 3D data. Then the 2D data of each device can also be imported / viewed. The data will be converted to vector. Therefore, the measurement of data size is possible.

Dimension measurement
With up to 30 types of dimension measurements, we can measure the dimensions of 3D shapes using various methods. When using the "smart edge dimension" and "smart surface dimension" installed from V11, you can get size data by hovering the mouse. Above the elements of geometry Size measurements can be done easily without having to use multiple measurement instructions when checking the dimension data.

CAD annotation display
SpinFire Ultimate can import PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) and GD & T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance) from basic 3D CAD files, since the data entered in the design can be viewed as in 3D. To the production site, quality assurance department, sales department to reduce the time and labor required to create drawings and promote the use of 3D data nationwide.

Supported formats

Section creation function
You can create the cutting section in the Spinfire Ultimate and check the internal structure. It is possible to create a section, cut across one plane and on multiple planes.
If you create a section using three planes, you can create a cross section that cuts the section of the shape. The section's
position can be adjusted manually or by Enter the numeric value

Factorization function
The assembly installation function, which can be run while checking the position in real time, will be performed. You can specify the direction of expansion / type. And adjust the magnification while controlling with the slider
You can extend only the extension selection, both you can use to review the design, creating parts lists, etc.

Supports CAD formats

Introduction of Centro function
Workflow for processing CAD files, production data, etc. "Pipeline"
When the CAD file is inserted into the watched folder, it becomes a trigger which is a process that performs various tasks such as converting to SpinFire method, different CAD methods, defining relevant data, uploading to Catalog Centro, mailing, etc. You can define workflows freely. In addition, if scripting in Python language helps to be able to link with the original production process fluently.

"Catalog" to browse and analyze project data
CAD data in folders that preview SpinFire websites and related materials, can be easily retrieved and easily shared via the browser. All tasks from content, design concepts to production cost management are performed in one window and can share information and manage information related to user access control.

"SpinFire Web" that allows you to quickly check the CAD format in the browser
CAD data registered in the catalog can be compressed up to 1/10. The SpinFire Web format can be checked via the browser. Separate display of image composition, cross section, translucent, size measurement, etc. can be used without installation
In addition, users of SpinFire Professional can review and download SpinFire files, annotate, add 2D drawings, view sets and more. In the client application

"BOM Manager" to compare the BOM of the model
You can compare the CAD assemblies uploaded with previously converted catalogs. Which components have changed, broken parts, and so on

Supported formats

Server / client operating environment